Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 5 阿里山日出- Alisan sunrise

am thankful that Fly,Yuhfen,yuanman to show me from their FB, how beautiful it is, ALISAN is a must when one visit Taiwan. FB is the social network that can show me around the world in just one click, hahah :p
today is the last day in Alisan, we spend 3 nights up here, it was never enough, but, 3 nights ! i think its fair enough for our 17 days free and easy adventures in Taiwan :p
woke up at 5am to get ready to see the Sun rise, hello ! its not only sun rise over here, there are much more ! check it out what we did in my blog, ok :)
this is not tour guide but the person-in-charge to give very insightful details of the daily fun info of Alisan. Did you see the crowd ?
i feel bless, what do you feel ?
Yen Fung, i will never forget the joy u bring upon to me, Thank you pal :)
ahhh, we are shopping again ! these really really good for me, am using it while doing this migrating of blog, from blogspot to wordpress, no joke ok, but i love it anyway :D
my 5th aunt Ann ask me for one after i post on FB, didnt manange to ask her whether she likes it ? hope she enjoys, and i tell myself i am gonna bring kids there, one of these day, ALISAN...
There is the newspaper introduction of this oilment.
These is all made from the wood from Alisan, it smells really awesome :)
Top of the hill scenery...
we follow the railway, slow walk for about one hour, the fresh air cannot be describe, it's awesome to the max !
every single details makes me wonder, having to visit Alisan is so bless :)
never enough to see the scenery, there are all mountains, magnificent view !
not forgetting the weather, super cooling :)
really dont wanna leave this place :(
 bye bye Alisan :)

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